Free Online Hearing Test

Use our free online hearing test to get a simple and effective indication to the presence of any hearing loss.

It’s a quick 3 minute hearing check that will help determine if you should seek guidance on a more comprehensive evaluation, or set a benchmark for future check-ins.

The best plan of action that you or a loved one can take in managing hearing health is to have regular hearing checks.

How to get the most out of this online hearing test

1. Make sure you are in a quiet area before you start the test
2. Use headphones instead of speakers and set volume to 50%

How the online hearing test works


The first part of the check is a frequency hearing test, which determines how well you can hear at different frequency levels.

You will hear a number of tones at different pitches and are asked to adjust the volume until you can hear sound.


In the second part of the hearing check, we will ask you a number of questions about your ability to hear in challenging listening situations.


After that, you will be presented with your free hearing check results and guidance on what to do next if we encounter signs of hearing loss.

Why Trust Neurosensory

Talented Experience

Uniquely aligned with Australia’s leading Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, we are committed to the highest standards of hearing healthcare.

Neurosensory was established over 40 years ago through a medical partnership between ENT’s, and Senior Audiologists for complete hearing healthcare.


We have built an outstanding reputation in hearing health by always helping our clients to achieve their maximum hearing capability.


We start with listening to our clients, so we can understand what you are experiencing.
We then use our skills, knowledge and experience to tailor unique solutions.

Solutions Focused

We recommend the best possible solutions without compromise.


Our diagnostic services are comprehensive, accurate and timely.

Our treatment solutions are innovative, ethical and independent of commissions.


– Broadest range of hearing aid brands and devices
– We don’t pay sales commissions to our Audiologists
– Free, no obligation, hearing aid trials
– Free services for eligible Pension and DVA recipients
– Recognised for healthcare and industry rebates
– Aftercare programs and support

True to our word

At Neurosensory, we work hard to deliver a positive patient experience, because Neurosensory and its ENT partners care.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all our services and products.

Hearing Loss and You

Hearing loss can be gradual and typically occurs over many years. In the early stages, it isn’t always obvious but can still impact on communication and quality of life.

Hearing loss is not uncommon, with 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 60 experiencing hearing difficulties.

Recognise the early signs to look out for, typical causes and some tips on managing a hearing loss.

Our Client Stories
I thought the blinker stopped working. Then I realised it was my hearing. If you’re considering whether to get a hearing aid, go early and go hard. Get on that road early.
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As a QLD Irish Association volunteer, I thrive on all things social. Neurosensory was recommended and there was no pressure from the start. Now I’m a part of everything!
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Having a Neurosensory Cochlear Implant, has been my personal game changer. It’s grown my confidence and I can mix with people, have a hit of tennis and go to restaurants.
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Without my hearing aids from Neurosensory I’d be lost. Hearing aids make a big difference, not only to you but your family. You’re able to interact a whole lot better.
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Being able to rejoin conversations without the ‘nod and smile’ approach has been outstanding. Getting fitted for a hearing solution has been quick and simple, and the unit is very discreet.
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After wearing a solid-type hearing aid, I recently upgraded. What a difference. They’ve given me greater confidence in social gatherings, and I often forget they’re even there.
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I resisted hearing aids for years, thinking they took a lot of getting used to. I’ve had no issues adjusting to mine, and my ability to understand conversations, even in noisy environments has greatly improved.
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Having a hearing aid trial was invaluable as you get to know what your requirements are. I really want to thank Neurosensory Ballina for the exceptional service I received.
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