Pricing Policy and Payment Plans

To ensure all our clients have access to complete hearing health care, our professional services and hearing devices are competitively priced.

ENT Specialist reviewing a patient's file on a computer

Payment Plans

  • To make things easier Neurosensory offer a direct debit payment plan for hearing aids purchased in our clinics.
  • We require a 50% deposit and the balance is spread in equal fortnightly or monthly payments over a one or two year period from the date of fitting. The choice is yours.

Top of the range hearing aids at affordable prices

  • At Neurosensory we want to make sure all clients reach their maximum hearing potential. It makes sense that the latest technology produces the best sounds.
  • To make the top of the range hearing aids more affordable we offer competitive prices.

No commissions are paid to staff on hearing aid sales

  • Neurosensory is unique in that we do not pay our staff commissions on hearing aid sales. This ensures that your hearing aids are selected according to performance and individual suitability and not to favour any hearing aid brand.

Broadest range of hearing aid brands and devices

  • We provide and support one of the broadest ranges of hearing aid brands and devices, so we can suit the needs of all our clients
  • You can have total confidence that the hearing aids recommended by your Neurosensory hearing health care professional are the best technology for your individual needs.