Free Hearing Services for Pensioners and DVA Clients

Neurosensory, as an accredited provider under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program for pensioners (HSP) for eligible pensioners and DVA clients, offers FREE hearing services.

If you are a HSP eligible pensioner or DVA client, you are entitled to:

  • FREE hearing tests
  • FREE hearing aids/devices

Only an accredited provider, such as Neurosensory, can provide this FREE government service. Offering free hearing aids for pensioners allows everyone to access a better quality of life.

No waiting time for government approval, we can carry out an instant HSP eligibility check.

Our HSP hearing services are available at all of our clinics in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, northern New South Wales, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong and Hobart.

Neurosensory is committed to sourcing the best devices at the best value for our clients and we abide by the Audiology Australia code of conduct which can be viewed here.

Neurosensory has agreements with all of the major manufacturers enabling us to customise your hearing program and choose the best device for you. Our Audiologists are not paid commissions for hearing aid sales.

HSP Eligibility

To be eligible to receive free hearing aids and hearing services under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program, a person must be an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident 26 years of age or older and either :

  • a Pensioner Concession Card holder.
  • the holder of a Repatriation Health Card where the card is issued for all conditions.
  • the holder of a Repatriation Health Card where the card is issued for conditions that include hearing loss.
  • the recipient of a sickness allowance from Centrelink.
  • a dependent of a person in one of the above categories.
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force.
  • or, a referred client of an Australian Government funded vocational rehabilitation service.

If you are a pensioner or DVA client the Hearing Services Program is now a simple process for FREE hearing services:

  • Click here or call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513 to request an appointment.