Hearing Accessories

At Neurosensory, we always have the latest in hearing aids and accessories, so that we can help you to maximise your hearing capability. Your Neurosensory hearing health care professional will be happy to recommend the best wireless enabled accessories to complement your hearing aids and lifestyle. Our caring staff are not paid commissions for hearing aid recommendations.

ENT Specialist holding a hearing aid

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can provide you with wireless connectivity to other Bluetooth enabled devices, including mobile phones and music players.  Bluetooth enables you to listen and communicate directly through your hearing aids, significantly improving the clarity and quality of the sound and words you hear.

Bluetooth adaptors, worn around your neck, transmit the sound from your mobile phone directly to your hearing aid to deliver a clearer sound quality.


FM technology is a type of wireless system that helps people better understand speech in noisy situations. FM technology is normally integrated with your hearing aids.  FM systems can be helpful for children in classrooms and in a variety of social situations.


As hearing aids become smaller and more technical, wireless remote controls are replacing external volume wheels and buttons on hearing aids. A wireless remote allows you to make adjustments in tone and volume and pre-set programmes within your hearing aids, so you can quickly adapt to different listening environments such as moving from a busy street with traffic noise to a movie theatre. There are more advanced remote controls which allow your hearing aid to function as a mobile phone, computer speaker or music player with the push of a button.

Your Neurosensory hearing health care professional can assist you in selecting and programming the best remote to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Television listening devices channel the sound to provide a better experience. They can be used with headphones or a neck loop, together with your hearing device.

If you would like professional advice on the latest hearing aid accessories, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513 .