Hearing Accessories

We always have the latest in hearing aids and accessories to help maximise your hearing capability.

Our Audiolotists can recommend the best wireless enabled accessories to complement your hearing aids and lifestyle.

Hearing Loss Management
TV Accessory – To improve TV clarity

Many TV shows can be difficult to follow due to accents, background music, mumbling and fast speech.   Noises around your house (for example: someone cooking in the kitchen) can make matters worse.

A TV accessory is easy to use; it simply plugs into the TV.  It streams the TV sound directly to your hearing aids.   No headphones or neck-loop are required and others in the room can listen to the TV normally.

Table-Top Microphone – To improve ability to hear conversation around a table

Understanding speech in a café, meeting or at family gathering can be challenging.  Hearing aids provide the most benefit when the speaker is within 1.5 meters of the listener.  When the distance between the speaker and the listener increases a table top microphone is needed to improve speech intelligibility, particularly if it is noisy.

A table-top microphone is designed to transmit the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids overcoming issues of noise and distance.  It consists of a small disc that sits in the middle of the table.

Remote Control – For easy adjustment of volume

Hearing aid buttons are small and may be fiddly to handle.  Phone apps are great but do not appeal to everyone.

A remote control provides an easy and discreet way to control your hearing aid programs and volume.  They have large visible buttons for simple handling.

Partner Mic – To improve ability to hear a quietly spoken speaker, particularly in noise or over distance.

Some people are difficult to hear because they speak softly.  It can also challenging to hear a speaker from a distance or in a noisy place.

A partner mic is designed for improved clarity in 1 to 1 conversation particularly in noise, over distance, in the car or for a quietly spoken speaker.  It can also be used to hear a speaker in a meeting or class.  The speaker wears the microphone.  It can be clipped onto their shirt or worn around their neck. The device picks up the person’s speech and transmits it directly to both hearing aids