Ian’s Story

Having been a professional musician and a sound engineer for the last twenty years, my ears have seen a lot of use. As you discovered when I attended the Neurosensory Unit recently, this has caused some permanent hearing damage to my right ear. I first noticed this when I began having trouble catching everyday phrases and following conversations in noisy environments. Although I had been aware of the damage for some time I had resigned myself to the fact that I would simply have to put up with poor hearing and all that goes with it – quite embarrassing for someone whose livelihood depends upon their ears.

I will admit to being a little sceptical at first that a hearing aid could faithfully restore my hearing, but I must say I was very happily surprised. As a classical musician I have ‘fussy’ ears, but I find the quality of the sound the aid delivers extremely natural. I was also amazed that it can recognise what sort of surroundings I am in and adapt accordingly.

Not only has the solution enabled me to rejoin conversations where I previously had to adopt the ‘nod and smile’ approach, the aid itself is exceptionally discreet (even with short hair!) and really comfortable to wear. This is very important to me as I use the hearing aid mostly in social environments. To top it off, there is no feedback from the unit and – as my ear is not completely blocked up – my voice sounds very natural to me. I found the fitting process to be quick and simple, with all the staff at NSU professional, highly skilled and courteous.

The whole experience has really turned my life around. Could you please pass on my thanks both your team at NSU and to the people at ReSound – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a hearing aid that is simple, effective and can produce first class results.