Garry’s Story

As a retiree I’m still extremely busy. With my wife we’ve travelled, and are actively involved in a few volunteer organisations including the Queensland Irish Association – supporting all things Irish/ Australian. For me, the realisation my hearing wasn’t quite right came from family. I was sceptical there was a problem at first and denied it to them.

Eventually it got me thinking, and then talking to hearing aid providers, but the experiences weren’t positive. Neurosensory was recommended and there was no pressure from the start. Testing was professional and a trial convinced me to go back and purchase some hearing aids. What surprised me was how far hearing technology has advanced. At Neurosensory I was given professional, honest advice. With support to use your hearing aids, backup numbers to ring and I dealt with one audiologist the whole time.

I’ve now realised what I’ve been missing out on. In gatherings, family settings, restaurants and social groups. So now I’m a part of everything! I did once forget I had them on nearly jumping in a pool. Thankfully I remembered at the last minute!