Ear protection

Protecting your hearing today is the best way to avoid tomorrow’s hearing problems. At Neurosensory, we have a comprehensive range of ear protection to suit your individual needs and lifestyle, whether at work, sport, or other recreational activities.

Construction worker with foam earplugs

Whilst we all love the water in summer, swimmer’s ear is no fun at all. At Neurosensory, we have a range of earplugs to suit every need. We can customise the best solution for you.


Ready made earplugs are preformed to suit most ears, with eight sizes available. They are instant, soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic.


Customised earplugs are tapered perfectly to your ear shape for maximum protection from water. Your Neurosensory hearing health care professional will carefully take an earmould and this will be formulated into your own personalised earplugs. They are made from soft silicone for superior comfort and are available in a range of colors. We can also include a name and phone number in case of loss.


For children with grommets, it is recommended an earband be worn in addition to earplugs. These waterproof bands are made from neoprene, and Neurosensory has these available in a range of fun colors.


Musicians often reach the maximum acceptable musical exposure point after three or four hours of practise. However, many musicians can practise up to eight hours at a time at the risk of incurring long-term hearing damage. At Neurosensory, we can customise hearing protection and in-ear monitors to ensure that you can still enjoy your music, without harming your ears.


At Neurosensory, we provide custom-made earplugs which have flat-response volume reducing capacity, whilst still retaining the original quality of sound. A Neurosensory hearing health care professional will carefully take an earmould for your ear, and ensure that the earplug is a discreet, perfect fit, so you can continue to enjoy the music you love to play.


We can also tailor in-ear monitors to suit your specific performing and recording studio mixing requirements. We will ensure that you get the latest technology enabling you to significantly reduce the noise of sounds which are being generated around you and are interfering with your ability to hear your own voice or musical instrument properly.


A Neurosensory hearing health care professional can provide you with the highest quality noise protection devices to suit noise challenges in a variety of vocational environments. Our proficient staff will tailor noise protection programmes and devices precisely to meet the specific needs of your industry and budget.

If you would like professional advice on the latest ear protection, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513.