Tinnitus treatments

Tinnitus can be a debilitating and frustrating condition, often causing significant sleeping problems. Delaying treatment may make the condition worse. Neurosensory has comprehensive tinnitus assessments, and scientifically proven tinnitus treatment and management programs available.

Patient receiving treatment for Tinnitus

At Neurosensory, our hearing health care professionals have the best tinnitus solutions available. As tinnitus is experienced differently by each sufferer, we tailor the tinnitus solutions to suit your individual needs.

Neurosensory treatment and management options include:

  • Carefully devised strategies, based on the latest tinnitus research, to give you relief from tinnitus.
  • The latest hearing device options, tailored to your personal tinnitus experience
  • Referral to further medical professionals where necessary.

The Neuromonics tinnitus treatment addresses the root causes of tinnitus, delivering clinically proven, long-term relief. Studies have shown that 91% of clients who have the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment experience a significant reduction in the awareness and disturbance of their tinnitus. [1]

If you are suffering from tinnitus, delay will only make the condition worse. Call Neurosensory today on our toll free number 1300 965 513 .

FREE tinnitus treatment for DVA clients

At Neurosensory, we offer DVA clients, who have received case-by-case approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs, FREE hearing services for the Neurosensory Neuromonics tinnitus treatment program.  There are now three Neuromonics tinnitus treatment program options the Oasis, Haven and the Sanctuary.

If you are a DVA client and are suffering from tinnitus, call Neurosensory today on 1300 965 513 .

[1] Davis PB, Paki B, Hanley PJ. The neuromonics tinnitus treatment: third clinical trial. Ear Hear 2007;28:242-59.