Client Stories

ENT Specialist examining a patient's ear

Fiona’s Story

It has been a life changing event, I could never imagined that I would be able to hear my children in the park, not always having to sit at the end of the table to hear the conversation.

ENT Specialist fitting a hearing aid on an elderly patient

Coralie’s Story

In the words of my family, friends and co-workers, I should have had a cochlear implant many years ago. Everyone around me has noticed a vast improvement in my general health and well-being and I have never been happier.

Elderly couple smiling

David’s Story

Following call up to National Service on 19th April 1967, I sustained hearing damage in mid-January 1969 due to an explosion whilst on patrol in South Vietnam.

Jerome’s Story

I have been experiencing tinnitus for some time, in both ears, but slightly worse in my right ear, and it gets louder when I clench my jaw or move my chin to chest.

Young female patient having an examination

Sonia’s Story

The Neuromonics programme was my last resort for tinnitus after trying everything from changing my diet, acupuncture, natural therapies to hypnosis, all of which did nothing to help me.