Fiona’s Story

My hearing loss was not detected until I was about 4 years old.  I had the measles as an 18 month old and my single-sided deafness may have developed as a result.

I am 37 now and pretty much have lived almost all my life with not being able to hear on my left side.  It was not until I attended my 1 year old daughter’s Queensland Healthy Hearing test that I learnt that new technology is now available to assist with single-sided deafness.

Since having my two children I really wanted to hear them when they spoke to me in the park and I felt I was missing out on conversations with them in restaurants.

In March this year, I decided to go ahead with a hearing test at the Neurosensory Chermside clinic, I remember the clinician, Mitchell asking me “what you brings you here today”.  At the time it felt like a funny story, I knew I could not hear anything on my left side and at the end of the hearing test,

Mitchell informed me “Yes, you are officially deaf in one ear”.  He then explained the options and technology available and I decided to trial a few hearing devices, which I took home and could trial in my own environment.

I visited Dr Canty, an ENT surgeon at Northside ENT he explained the process and the operation.  I decided to go ahead with operation in June, even though my husband was concerned for me.  It has taken a few visits with clinician, Tom Garwood to fine tune to my hearing preference. Tom has been wonderful guiding me through the process and explaining and allowing me to trial different programs available, who would of thought that 12 months ago I would able to hold the phone to my left side and be able to hear!!!

It has been a life changing event, I could never imagined that I would be able to hear my children in the park, not always having to sit at the end of the table to hear the conversation. I can now hear my husband talk when I am driving the car.  The battery life is very good lasting approximately 7 to 10 days, the only time I don’t wear my device is when I am in the shower or in bed, I can’t imagine my life without it”.

ENT Specialist examining a patient's ear