Stephanie’s Story

I’ve been practicing as an Audiologist for 33 years. I joined the only Neurosensory clinic in Tasmania when it opened in 2019 and have been with them for 18 months. I count myself fortunate to have been able to join Neurosensory in my home state. I have a passion for working with people.

Years ago I worked in an immunology lab for a couple of years and while I liked the science aspect, I wanted a job with more patient contact.  Audiology has since been the perfect choice. It’s scientific, but you’re mixing with people. The diagnostic and testing side of what I do can be very rewarding.

Working with hearing impaired clients and fitting hearing aids; you’re providing a solution that lets people communicate with family and friends again. They’re able to attend work meetings without the stress of worrying if they will miss something and they can go out with friends and not feel left out. You help people, and get to see the positive change in their family dynamics.  When couples can hear each other their home-life is much easier.

In my time I’ve seen some dramatic breakthroughs in hearing technology. The biggest differences have included the introduction of directional microphones that help with background noise and feedback reduction software which prevents whistling.   Bluetooth technology now allows hearing aids to be paired with mobile phones so phone calls or podcasts can be streamed to both aids.

In what I do, listening matters. You need to listen to your client as they can tell you how they’re impacted, and you can then fit hearing aids that meet their unique needs.