Neurosensory supports the latest ACCC findings

Neurosensory believes in enriching people’s lives by improving how they interact with the world around them and have the clear objective to achieve the best outcomes possible for every client.

As a professional hearing health care company, Neurosensory is subject to substantial regulation relating to the devices we provide, the way in which these devices are sold, the health professionals we employ and the services we deliver. Neurosensory complies with all Australian laws and regulations.

Australians’ confidence and trust in the hearing health industry is paramount. Neurosensory welcomes the ACCC’s recent proceedings on some members of the industry to ensure that all hearing care sector providers comply with consumer law.

Neurosensory is owned by over 65 leading Australian ENT surgeons and celebrates its independence in providing comprehensive hearing care over 39 years, across 24 clinics. For comprehensive hearing care advice contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 965 513

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