Helpful information for your hearing aid trial

To get the most benefit from your trial period, try to wear your hearing aids as much as possible, in different listening environments.


It takes time for your brain to accommodate for the sudden increase in sensory input. It is normal for environmental noises to sound a little louder than you expect or remember. Be patient this will become less obvious and irritating with time and usage.


Your trial hearing aids have been set to a conservative level, in order for you to get comfortable with the changes you will experience with your hearing. These levels are not final and can be adjusted by your audiologist.


    • Try to keep a record of your listening experiences in different environments, this will help your audiologist determine what setting adjustments you may need.


    • Remember to remove your hearing aids before showering, swimming, and sleeping.


    • If your trial hearing aids require batteries, open the battery door when you are not wearing them to ensure the hearing aids are turned off and to prevent the batteries from draining.


    • If you are trialing a rechargeable model, simply place the hearing aids in the charger when they are not being worn.


    • You may notice a reduction in hearing aid performance, it could be that the batteries need to be replaced or need charging. You should hear a warning beep when the batteries are running low. For a step-by-step guide on changing your hearing aid batteries, please click here


  • Dust, debris, moisture, or ear wax can block the speaker, causing a reduction of volume.  Wiping the silicone dome/tip may remove surface wax sufficiently and improve the sound of the hearing aid.


Thank you for taking the time read these tips, and we really hope you get the most out of your trial.

Please remember if you need any help, we are only a phone call away 1300 965 513 or send us an email